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Carpet Cleaning & Health: Pro Tips

Once a luxury for the wealthy, carpets bring both beauty and comfort to home and building owners. Keeping carpets clean and keeping the people walking on your carpet healthy takes some knowledge, though! Here’s some great information on how to ensure your carpet knowledge is on a Pro’s level. The 5 Second Rule: Perhaps a […]

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3 Keys of Indoor Air Quality

Every second of every day, air is the invisible fuel that keeps us all moving. Interestingly, the quality of our air is literally inescapable. Since we can’t control the outdoor air, but we can influence aspects of our indoor air, we’re going to look at 3 key aspects of indoor air quality to think about […]

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Value in Proactive Maintenance

Did you know that there is not a single widely recognized definition of either “clean” or “cleaning” in our ever complex and growing world? No wonder proactive maintenance is so challenging to achieve! We would all need to agree on a definition of “clean” to know when to do more cleaning! “Clean” is far too […]

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Cleanliness Improves Learning

Over the years, there have been quite a few interesting studies on student performance. However, only a few have been done to study how cleanliness impacts performance in educational environments. Here at IBS Direct, we love results that are important for our clients! Plus, we’re suckers for cool data, too! The Initial Cleanliness Research Originally […]

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IBS Direct Company Video

Watch our video to learn about the many different ways that the IBS Direct team helps to make your workplace, school, building or facility a better, healthier place work, learn and live. IBS Direct: Clean • Green • Innovation

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Value of Clean

Cleaning is an investment in human health, the environment, and an improved bottom line. The video below from the ISSA, explains how a modest investment in cleaning can help facilities reap big savings.

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