Who We Serve

IBS Direct understands that every type of business or organization has unique concerns and requirements related to the cleaning and maintenance of their property. Our senior management team works closely with each client to create a comprehensive service plan that addresses everything from cleaning protocols for delicate equipment and finishes to scheduling that is tailored to individual needs.

Our commitment to helping clients present a positive professional image extends to the appearance and character of our employees. All IBS Direct employees, who wear distinctively designed modern uniforms, have undergone criminal background checks to ensure that they have no record of violent or predatory behavior.

Visit Our Services for a complete list of services available and see below for information about IBS Direct’s special qualifications for servicing various types of properties.

Commercial Properties

  • Corporate headquarters
  • Owner-occupied facilities
  • Single-tenant facilities
  • Multi-tenant facilities

Educational Institutions

  • To promote a safer school environment, IBS will host an employee introduction session during school hours. Students meet our staff, are told what our staff does, and told how to recognize them.
  • To help students, educators, and school administrators promote sustainability, IBS will host a 30-minute presentation explaining how recycling is done in the particular school, and how everyone can easily participate in making the school more environmentally responsible through recycling.

Museums & Art Galleries

  • Insurance coverage for artwork
  • IBS employees trained in protocols for cleaning near valuable and delicate artwork
  • Pre-installation preparation and post installation cleaning
  • Support staff for special events

Health Care Facilities

  • Employees trained in blood-borne pathogens, MRI room cleaning, and cleaning of special scan rooms

Retail Properties

  • High-end retail flagship stores
  • Delivery of services scheduled to accommodate critical retail hours

Entertainment Venues

  • Public, private, and not-for-profit theaters
  • Delivery of services scheduled to accommodate theater schedules and events

Aviation Facilities

  • Public and private airports
  • Air cargo facilities
  • Heliports